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April 26, 2009

Pedal to the Metal Demonstrates Campbell's Arrogance

Where was Gordon Campbell when Richard Nixon learned the hard way that the cover-up is worse than the break-in? Campbell might not think of the Nixon example if he is so arrogant that he believes he can get away with anything.

It is understandable that the Premier doesn't want to to fire yet another Solicitor General (after losing John Les to an investigation), but having your driver's license taken away due to two excessive speeding offenses, not counting numerous lesser speeding tickets, is a serious matter. For the Minister responsible for public safety it is disgraceful! Vaughn Palmer pointed to the contradictions between news releases issued by van Dongen on safe driving compared to van Dongen's own behavior. Palmer suggested van Dongen would be a finalist in a contest for Hypocrite of the Year.

Campbell had the option of treating van Dongen as he did John Les, but according to CBC national news, Campbell chose to say: "It's not like he hasn't paid his tickets". Perhaps Campbell's personal experience in a Hawaiian drunk tank has blurred his judgment. Like Campbell, van Dongen put the lives of others at risk because of his reckless behavior. Paying the fine is not the issue for the victims of aggressive drivers.

Van Dongen has served up Campbell's arrogance for all to see at the beginning of the final two weeks of the election campaign. The Campbell government has a unique definition of accountability. Essentially they believe that they can get away with anything as long as they can get re-elected: drunk driving, privatizing BC's rivers, not delivering on care for seniors, freezing the minimum wage and selling BC Rail followed by charges of corruption.

It doesn't matter what the issue is, the standard of accountability is: if you re-elect Campbell you've approved of everything he's done and given a blank cheque for more of the same.

Put the pedal to the metal and too bad for anyone who gets hurt along the way!


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