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Updated February 11, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where can I get information on MLA pay?

Click on

2) Where can I get the list of donors to political parties?

You can download the filing reports for any political party from the Elections BC website. Those reports list anyone who has contributed over $250. See

Click on and enter Green, Liberal or New Democrat. A menu of their past filings will appear. Click on the most recent one. It takes a few minutes while the program compiles and downloads it. Compiling a list of the top donors is a little tougher as it would really require searching through thousands of names and compiling it for more than just one year. The pdf file that is downloadable from the Elections BC website contains graphical images of the documents that were filed. The names of donors are in alphabetical order but because of the format you cannot simply cut and paste it to a spreadsheet.

3) Where can I get information comparing BC and other provinces?

Statistics Canada publishes the "Provincial and Territorial Economic Accounts Review". B.C. Stats also provides some free data at

4) Where can I get data on income distribution?

See for Income Research Papers

Some interesting Statistics Canada data are at:

Canada Revenue data are at: